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The HellCats

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Are YOU rough enough to be a HellCat?

Things you should know before joining:
* Your Captains. It's always good to know who to look to for leadership or incase trouble arises. The HellCats current Captains are:
Trag [dead_dolly13] & Lana [pimpstresslana]

* This is a community for mature females who are fans of hockey. Your Captains firmly believe that maturity isn't represented by age, but by behaviour. Act appropriately or be banned. Simple as that. Warning will be issued for the first offense. Repeated offenses will result in ejection from the game.

* All the members in this community have taken at least a roughing minor for the content of their entries in the past. And some of us rack up the fighting majors like heavyweights on the ice. Meaning if you're a fan who can't handle the fact not everyone shares the same "OMGLOVE" for your team & favorite players, maybe this isn't the community for you.

* HellCats eat Puck Bunnies Yeah every so often a player will come along and stir up some lust. We're grown females with eyes & hormones, it's only natural. But remember the game and the stats come first and foremost. There's a difference between appreciating a player's looks, and appreciating a player soley for his looks. Make sure you know it.

Things for Team Members to know:
* What's acceptable to post: Basically anything hockey related. News, rumours, game notes, game experiences, photos, icons, friends only banners, hockey memes and general hockey ramblings.

* What's NOT acceptable to post: Stuff concerning the personal lives of the players. This includes mentions/photos of girlfriends, wives, children. If any of the Captains come across a post containing anything of this nature ... IT WILL BE DELETED. The ONLY exception to this rule is to wish your player congratulations on a wedding or birth of a child. Because those kind of things even make the toughest veterans go "awwwwww".

Another thing that is not allowed is fan fiction of any sort. Not to discourage your creative sides, but there are communities made especially for that sort of thing. This just doesn't happen to be one of them.

* All entries in the community should be made friends only. What that means is only your fellow HellCats will be able to read them. Keep it within the lockerrom.

* Game Notes are required to go behind a cut. Friendly to the opponent, unfriendly to the opponent. Doesn't matter. If you write a pre or post game entry it is to go behind the cut.

* Game Note Cuts should be labeled Friendly or Unfriendly to the teams it's about. That way everyone has advance warning before clicking the link. Also that way we can mock and abuse all the morons who click a cut that's unfriendly to their team/player and then start whining because of the things that were said. Hey, it's not OUR FAULT that you clicked it and didn't like it. Either suck it up or don't click. Simple as that.

Things to do when your membership is approved:
* Please fill out, and include the following introduction form in your first entry. It gives us a little more of an idea as to who you are and allows us to welcome you properly.

Name [what you want us to call you]?:
Favourite Team[s]?:
Most Hated Team[s]?:
Favorite Players?:
Players you think the league[s] can do without?:
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?:

* Post and have fun! One of the most important things to remember!

Much love,
Your Captains xxo